Update on Noah Collins from his parents to Cantillon.

July 16, 2020

Noah Collins is getting bigger and continuing to work hard. Noah’s now 8 years old and three years’ post-op in America. It’s been a busy three years, and this year has been no exception. We are having major work done on our house to support Noah having a bedroom downstairs and for the whole of the ground floor to be fully accessible. We are three months into the build, and have just under a month to go… I don’t know how DIY SOS do it in a matter of a few days! When complete the house should be lovely, and more importantly be well suited to support Noah and the family as he and his sisters grow all the way into adulthood.

Even with the major work being carried out Noah has done plenty this year. In January Noah and all his family travelled to Winchester to take part in a Cerebral Palsy Swimming Gala. It was the first time we have gone to one, and Noah and one of his physiotherapists had been working very hard preparing for it. The heats took place, which then gave the participant staggered start intervals for the finals… Noah was just pipped for 3rd place in the final of the 10m front crawl, and took the gold medal in the 10m backstroke 😊 it was an amazing event and plans are underway to take part again next year, with Noah planning to step up to either the 25m or even 50m distances…. His swimming is coming on tremendously, watch this space as you could be supporting a future ‘disability Phelps!’

Noah has been a fan of the ‘world’s strongest man’ series for a couple of years now, so for Christmas Santa got him VIP tickets to the European leg of the event in Leeds in April… here is is with his mate Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall. It’s great to see him taking an interest in sport, as the more physical exercise Noah does, the stronger he and his abilities will become. He also went to the world championship athletics in the Olympic stadium earlier this month, and has been to several Watford home games over the last year (He’s a little hornet).

Working hard is also something that Noah has to do in practical situations, as he proved when we visited Brighton for the day during the summer. Noah put a lot of effort in walking for just over half a kilometre back along the pier, we were very proud. As well as school, daily stretching, playing his x-box, being a normal little lad of 8, swimming, 2-3 physio sessions a week and playing football at Broxbourne Borough Cerebral Palsy football club, riding his bike, Noah has now also taken up horse riding at Penniwells Riding for the Disabled in Elstree. He has taken to it very well and it’s another activity which will help him with his balance and core strength.

Thank you very much to everyone at Cantillon for your continued support for Noah and Jake. All these activities take time and cost money, but work together in helping Noah to work towards his full physical potential. Your support directly helps to fund the activities and help Noah. Thank you all very much from Noah, and all his family.