Temporary Works

Temporary works design has developed immeasurably over the last 2 decades, having the ability to identify the right solution and integrating the design with future works is critical. Cantillon’s specialist in house engineering team is equipped to deliver a comprehensive range of enabling works, either independently or as part of a main contract.

Cantillon Temporary Works

Highly trained engineers carry out thorough investigations and analysis to advise on structural integrity and to determine the most economic and coordinated temporary works solutions, tailored to the demolition requirement and to the onward construction needs of the client. These can be integrated with the permanent structure or new construction works.

We have the capability to deliver on any temporary works needs including, Temporary works, demolition design, facade retention, scaffold design and ongoing inspection, Excavation support, Party wall solutions and falsework design.

Cantillon - Temporary Works

Cantillon oversees the disconnection or diversion of services to minimise risks during the demolition and construction phases.