July 16, 2020

Cantillon’s Integrated Management System has managed to support the company philosophy, “demolition ad safety hand in hand”. Since its introduction in 2008 it has given management the ability to form a workforce that has the confidence to work in an inherently hazardous industry where safety is not just a byword. Over the past 7 years Cantillon’s management system has evolved from being a rudimentary management system, in place because the law says so, to fully certificated and audited Integrated Management System supporting projects by giving them a user friendly process to manage their projects.

The practice of managing a project is fraught with problems, programme, budget, resources both materials and people to name a few, this puts a strain on the management system not being forceful enough to cope with outside pressures; this can easily lead to taking short cuts to meet deadlines consequently this aberration will lead to incidents and accidents.

With the system allowing management to overcome some of these issues and having good robust documentation to follow and use, it allows the project management teams to effectively control work to a pace that will meet programme, budget etc but also keep the workforce safe; to this end Cantillon have managed to work for 1,523,035 hours without having to report a single incident or accident to the HSE, this is both with the old system of over 3 day reporting of accidents and the new system of 7 day reporting.

Cantillon is very proud that this milestone has been achieved over the last few years where projects budgets are trimmed but have still been able to meet client’s ever demanding levels of practice.