Sun Street Terrace

Client: Alloy Mtd | Duration: 55 Weeks | Value: £9,000,000


Cantillon undertook the structural stabilisation package of the existing Georgian brick buildings at 5-15 Sun Street Terraces on behalf of Alloy Mtd. The terraces had remained empty and for over 30 years and had fallen into a state of significant disrepair. The whole terrace was structurally unsound, whilst at the end of the row, The Flying Horse public house remained trading throughout all project works. Cantillon delivered the package of works to retain, repair and stabilise the terrace for its inclusion within the new development of a boutique hotel, to be known as ‘Ardeir London’.

To enable effective clearance and deliveries by agreement with the City of London, Cantillon created a Pit-lane outside 5-15 Sun Street. Cantillon enabled UKPN operations through this Pit-lane. 97% of all materials removed from the site were diverted away from landfill despite the logistical and spatial constraints.

Several attempts to stabilise the building had occurred prior to Cantillon taking possession of the site. Cantillon’s engineering team assessed the structure and designed a robust temporary works scheme to provide the structural stability and access required to progress the permanent works.

Having stabilised the structure, the team set about stripping the internal area of the building, retaining the shell. Masonry strength testing was undertaken by our team to inform the repair and stability scope, working in tandem with the project engineer AKT II. Working alongside the conservation consultant, Cantillon’s team are in the process of restoring the facade to its former glory, an extensive process of repair and cleaning is underway to satisfy both the structural and conservation requirements.

In addition to the façade repair, the stabilisation works include the formation of a concrete ring beam at basement level as well as new steel structure within the shell of the old building. New timber floors are being provided within the building with new blockwork infill panels under construction at the lower levels.

The project team ran two phases of work concurrently; as such there were 2 principle contractors on site either side of a boundary-line. Combined logistics, planning and co-ordination was imperative as space was of a premium. Occasionally, shared opportunities presented themselves benefitting both contractors. Cantillon facilitated a 16 week MOLA archaeological investigation which was required within both areas of the project site.