Oxford Street

July 16, 2020

Cantillon, under a pre-demolition services agreement, played a significant role in assisting the client to develop the scheme and secure planning working. A number of technical challenges were addressed during the PDSA period, including the façade retention and jacking process.

The demolition site was bounded on the east elevation by a neighboring and operational construction site, the south elevation was abounded by several full height party wall conditions, including the 19th C. French Protestant Church of London and to the West, the Crossrail TCR Western Ticket Hall construction site with no access privileges.

Allied with delivering against these constraints, Oxford Street situated to the North, represented the only opportunity to service the site and involved the removal of nearly 15,000t of demolition materials, loaded using alternative methods to avoid requirement for HGV Lorries crossing the pedestrian footpath on London’s busiest street.

Cantillon designed and installed a bespoke vehicle loading bay gantry situated on the public facing TFL red route elevation, which afforded full protection to the thousands of passing members of the public and util- ised conveyor loading in tandem with successfully trialing and using ‘bomb-bay’ style tower crane loading skips, which continued over the course of the project.

The approval process to agree logistical access routes and ultimately the design and installation of the loading bay, became fundamental to the success of this project, which Cantillon not only designed, but negotiated the long term permissions for our contract period and developed the design to cater to the follow on construction phase. The process involved lengthy discussions and meetings with WCC, Crossrail, TFL and the Metropolitan Police

The undertaking to remove the demolition materials throughout the contract periods without adversely affecting the pedestrian foot fall on the busiest shopping street in London required serious consideration. The site team successfully trialed various loading methods which were sympathetic to the logistical and programme constraints. Coordination of steel and concrete deliveries to site was key to ensuring the success of the logistical strategy.

Mass foundations supported the tower and façade retention system to the Dean Street elevation. Floor by floor demolition proceeded carefully behind the 4 story Terracotta clad structure. The bespoke support has been designed to support the façade such that it can be released from the ground floor supporting columns, and hydraulically jacked and raised vertically c.900mm, to align with the proposed floor levels of the development.