New Fetter Lane

July 16, 2020

Cantillon were appointed as Principal Contractor by GPE to deliver the demolition and enabling works package for the development of 12-14 New Fetter Lane. Valued at £5.1m, the scope involved the asbestos removal, soft strip, demolition of 9 floors of existing office space, bulk excavation, sheet piling and the design and installation of the basement propping scheme.

The project presented significant logistical challenges due to the location and existing infrastructure constraints. Cantillon led the consultation process with the City of London highways and environmental teams to agree the access strategy. A lack of direct access into the building was overcome by designing an access cut through the façade and internal structure into the heart of the building to provide vehicular access.

Noise and dust modelling was undertaken in advance of demolition commencing to identify areas of excessive impact. These were then targeted as part of the Demolition management strategy and control measures were defined and put in place to mitigate.

The building was demolished on a floor-by-floor basis down to ground floor; mobile cranes were used to transfer plant between the floors as required. Internal chutes were utilised to minimise the environmental impact of the works with a central processing point established within the building foot print.

Once demolition reached the ground floor slab, a progressive technique was introduced for the removal of the ground floor slab. The sheet pile installation, bulk excavation, retaining wall removal and wailer / propping installation were undertaken in a staged manner to remove the need for a 2 stage propping solution. The bulk excavation continued done to formation layer with blinding placed to create a clean box for the substructure to commence.