Gypsy Corner

July 16, 2020

Cantillon were appointed by Frogmore Developments as Principal Contractor to carry out the demolition and decontamination of the brownfield site at Gypsy Corner, Acton, London W3.

The brownfield site comprised a variety of low-level industrial and medium-rise commercial buildings. Construction of these buildings ranged from steel framed, asbestos cement clad structures to multi-storey concrete framed buildings.

Following the demolition, further site investigation works were carried out to identify the extent of the contaminated ground and implementation of necessary remediation works prior to construction on the new development.

The concrete and hardcore arising from the demolition was crushed and stored for recycling during the latter demolition phase. Approximately 85 percent of the materials arising from the demolition were either recycled for use on the project or taken off site for alternative recycling processes.

Various hazardous materials, including asbestos, were safely removed ahead of the demolition works and disposed of at designated licensed tips. Specialist plant was used for the demolition work, fitted with water jet attachments to reduced dust emissions and a “long arm” excavator fitted with a concrete pulveriser to demolish the concrete framed buildings.

Bulk excavation took place over the entire six acre site. The soil was surveyed by Waterman Environmental who discovered “hot spots” of contamination. The contaminated soil was taken to a specialist disposal facility in polythene lined and covered lorries to prevent leakage. All remaining soil was additionally tested before leaving site. Dust testing was carried out throughout the works with no adverse results recorded.

Steel framed structures were demolished using steel and plate shears cutting them into manageable lengths for recycling. Due to the phasing of the works, main services were investigated, isolated and / or diverted in order to minimise any inconvenience to adjacent tenants.

Works were completed ahead of time and within budget. During the course of the project good co-operation was developed with the local community, client and neighbours alike.

This project proved the value of interactive teamwork across the board, encompassing all levels, from the top of the supply chain right through to our workforce.