Davies Street

July 16, 2020

Cantillon completed the soft strip, asbestos removal and demolition of the seven storey commercial space located over a single-story retail block with approximately GEA 103,500 SqFt.

After carrying out a full soft strip of the building back to the shell concurrent with the removal of notifiable and non-notifiable asbestos to every level, Cantillon undertook the structural demolition and clearance of the existing building down to the basement slab.

The works included the design and installation of temporary wind and weather protection to the adjacent boundary building as well as lateral ties into the adjacent party walls.

Temporary raking props and thrust blocks were installed to retain the Three Kings Yard retaining wall, with the remaining below ground perimeter pavement vaults backfilled with mass concrete. Subsequent works required the existing basement slab to be removed and the ground levels reduced by approx. 2m to a new lower formation.

The entire perimeter retaining walls were underpinned to suit the new depth. We also formed the excavated crane base for the follow-on contractor ahead of the main contractor’s schedule.

In order to maximise the project’s commitment to sustainable resources we used a 50% recycled aggregate (Stent) in all of the concrete used on site. Approximately 300 cu m in total. Our temporary works for the wind protection to 32 Grosvenor Street has been remarked upon for having an innovative approach. This involved an external metal profile decking solution, which negated the requirement for the traditional wind post solution… feedback was that it looked good too!

The adjacent building, 32 Grosvenor Street, was a residential building, whose windows faced our demolition just over 4 metres away.

Before starting work, Cantillon undertook noise predictions using specialist CADNa software which assisted us in deploying acoustic noise abatement quilts at the most sensitive locations
to successfully minimise noise disturbances.

There have been many positive comments from the client, main contractor team and residents confirming our approach was successful, and that Cantillon really are top of the demolition contractor league.

The latter stage of the project works were successfully undertaken during the London 2012 Olympics, which required very careful planning and negotiation with the LA and LOCOG parties.