3 Broadgate

July 20, 2020

Cantillon were appointed by British Land to carry out the hard strip of an existing steel framed structure with structural openings including new steelwork and concrete decks throughout the 3 double storey structure. To facilitate the demolition and future reconstruction works, a three phased scaffolding was designed and erected for the safe demolition of the façade that comprised granite panels, insulation, acoustic louvres to the plant room and blockwork; the 2nd and 3rd parts of the scaffolding were for the ornamental staircase installation and the new cladding. The exterior of the scaffolding had a framework installed to it to accept a decorative wrap that encompasses the entire scaffolding and structure.

The site is situated within the City of London and within the middle of the very busy Broadgate Estate and less than 3.0m away from adjacent occupied buildings on either side.

Cantillon 3 Broadgate

Due to the very high pedestrian traffic around all of the elevations of the site, all deliveries and collections took place between 6.00am and 8.00am with some activities taking place at the weekends.

As part of the works, granite cladding and large glazing panels were carefully removed from the façade to expose the steel framework insulation and blockwork walls. These materials were segregated and disposed of using internal hoists set up within the scaffolding and utilizing skip lorries to transport the materials away for recycling. A new drainage run was installed within the raft foundations within the basement loading area whilst the businesses within the Broadgate Estate continued with deliveries around our works, unhindered.

Cantillon 3 Broadgate

The building was circular and curved radius steelwork was designed and fabricated to fit the existing structure to form new structural openings within the structure and to allow for a new staircase to be installed, which required adaptions to the scaffolding behind the decorative wrap.

The steelwork was delivered and installed to the underside of the 1st and 2nd floor to allow the removal of redundant stair landings and the trimming back of the reinforced concrete structure. To remove the existing staircase, scaffold decks, temporary works and additional protection was installed over the existing intake and outlet vents for the UKPN substation directly below the existing staircase with cold cutting techniques used throughout the entire process of careful removal.  New decks were installed along with structural beams to accept the new structure.

Cantillon 3 Broadgate