135 Bishopsgate

July 16, 2020

Cantillon were appointed by British Land to undertake the full soft strip and structural alterations works package for 135 Bishopsgate. The building is situated directly adjacent to and above Liverpool Street Station and is being developed into prime retail and office space.

Cantillon’s scope includes the management and isolation of all M&E, asbestos removal, soft strip, facade removal and structural alterations. Work began on site in September 2017 and are due to complete in April 2018. During the early stages of the project the scope was increased to include the removal of all redundant plant and plant rooms at ground floor level. This phase 2 work is to be completed within the same programme as phase 1.

Cantillon 135 - Bishopsgate

The scope of soft strip was generally back to structure although due to changing requirements from the future tenants’ various elements, both architectural and M&E, had to be retained in part and carefully worked around. Asbestos removal is being undertaken in conjunction with the soft strip operations. An external scaffold is to be erected to the first and second floor levels to enable the façade removal to proceed. Cantillon designed the scaffold to cater for installation of the new façade panels.

One of the key challenges with the project was the need to work on multiple fronts with the phase 1 works soft stripping the 14 storey building and completing the structural alterations plus undertaking the phase 2 works all with only one small loading bay at ground floor and a single goods lift that serviced this floor.

This coupled with the fact that the fit out is commencing as floors are completed means that the planning and co-ordination has to be of the highest standard. To improve the situation as more trades arrive we are creating a temporary opening in the slab and installing an additional hoist between
ground and 1st floor level to help service the loading bay.

Cantillon 135 - Bishopsgate

The structural alterations package involves the formation of new risers, slab demolition, the formation of new slabs and new lift and escalator pits. Forming the lift and escalator pits presented a significant challenge as they were located in the ground floor slab directly above Liverpool Street Station, Platform

To complete this work existing cladding had to be removed from the soffit, new steel beams installed with metal decking, numerous station services then re-supported, saw cutting and demolition of the existing ground floor and the installation of rebar and concrete to form the new pits.

Cantillon 135 - Bishopsgate

All of this work was undertaken during a possession commencing on Christmas Eve working 24 hours a day to ensure works were complete and the platform handed back on New Years Eve.

All work on the lift and escalator pits that had to be completed during the shutdown was done so successfully and the remaining works can be undertaken during normal working hours from the site above which was a significant achievement for the project ensuring the signature of one of the major prospective tenants.

Further to any more additional works, progress on site is good and we are on programme for our completion date.