On Site at 100 City Road – Update

July 16, 2020

The asbestos removal and soft strip has been completed to all buildings. Demolition is well underway to the majority of the site (Transworld House 9 storey, Sophia House 6 Storey) and generally down to 2nd floor level using mini excavators with the exception of 210 Old Street where the scaffold is being erected and demolition will start in a week or so. Early demolition to the central area of the site including the marketing suite was carried out using a 45t high reach.

Temporary works have been installed to 70-74 City Road where the front bay is being retained and to 36/37 Featherstone Street where the entire building is being retained.

Steel props are being fabricated off site to be installed in the next couple of weeks to the basement perimeter wall to retain the surrounding footpaths and roads and allow the demolition of the ground floor and sections of the basement slabs. Pile probing is then to be carried out before a piling mat is installed to the basement using material resulting from the demolition, crushed on site.