Health, Safety & Wellbeing

July 16, 2020

Cantillon believes that the Health as well as the Safety of all employees is paramount and goes to great lengths to ensure that this is so.

The health and wellbeing of employees is very important to Cantillon and health briefing notes are sent out to all employees on a wide variety of issues, such as weight, protecting eyesight, hearing through to cancer awareness. These are distributed to employees via wages slips, mailings and on-site leaflets.

This consideration is not restricted to directly employed staff, as this information is also distributed on site for Agency and Subcontractors. All employees receive a biennial Wellbeing Medical, free of charge, in addition to any statutory medical they may require. During 2014, two employees found that they have a non-work related hearing defect, which would not have normally been found if they had not attended the medical; they are now seeing their GPs for further advice and treatment. Cantillon also believes in involving staff in choosing the right sort of PPE.

During 2014, a new type of respirator mask was trialled. Having identified the most appropriate mask from the H&S side, the masks weren’t just issued and the operatives told to get on with it; we made sure that it was comfortable and actually made a difference to them, gathering views and feedback before committing to the mask.

It is this sort of practice that makes Cantillon stand out from the rest by involving employees in the decision making process, ensuring that they know that their opinion is valued as much as their work