Demolition & Dismantling

Cantillon are a multi-disciplined contractor, however, Demolition remains our core service offer and is at the heart of every scheme that we deliver. While we specialise in complex city centre demolition and dismantling schemes, Cantillon have a proven track record in delivering out of town and industrial demolition.

Cantillon have the skill, expertise and resource to deliver any scheme. We work across all sectors delivering a variety of demolition schemes including high and low rise demolition, industrial units, residential blocks and Stadium stands.

Cantillon - Demolition & Dismantling

Our experience over the last 50 years has enabled us to become one of the UK’s leading demolition contractors, we are able to offer a diverse service due to the depth of skill and experience within the business. By drawing on the expertise developed over the years, we continue to strive to break from ‘the norm’ and pride ourselves on our ability to pursue the most innovative and appropriate solution for every project we are involved in.

Cantillon are happy to provide clients with upfront methodology, logistical, environmental and commercial advice in support of their planning process.

Cantillon - Environmental Monitoring

We understand that the commencement of any scheme brings concerns within the local community. We approach every project in a collaborative and honest manner. Our approach to predictive modelling allows us to understand the environmental impact of each of our schemes, we offer tailor made solutions to overcome and minimise the impacts of our industry. After safety, community engagement is our number 1 priority. We approach this in an open manner and ensure that every team member understands our responsibility to deliver for the community.


Demolition is often undertaken in confined and constrained city centre environments where traditional techniques cannot be used. Dismantling – the process of deconstructing a building or structure – is the true test of the demolition engineer’s art. Cantillon prides itself on being one of the leading exponents of the dismantling process within the UK demolition market. Cantillon have an enviable reputation based upon the pioneering and innovative solutions we bring and an exemplary delivery track record.

The company has demonstrated its dismantling expertise across a broad range of challenging projects including inner city high and midrise developments, sports stadia and industrial units.

Demolition is often perceived as a nuisance, dismantling reduces the impact within the community by minimising the environmental effect of the process. Coupled with the environmental innovation, predictive monitoring techniques and the proactive approach to community engagement employed by our delivery teams, Cantillon ensure that we play an active part in maintaining the integrity of the environments we work within.