We need your help in the fight against Covid-19

To all those working in the contracting sector: we need your help. Are you able to donate personal protective equipment to vital frontline services?

Paul Ford explains the objectives of the Contractors Appeal Campaign

With construction works coming to an end as part of the process to limit the spread of Covid-19, all of us in the demolition and construction sectors have a duty and obligation to the communities that we serve.

While the Government is mobilising resources, there are significant shortages for front line staff in the NHS, GP practices and social care sectors. We are therefore encouraging the demolition and wider construction sector to retain a base stock of PPE, and make the rest available to those services who need it far more than we do. You have the ability to save lives by doing so: no donation is too small!

Cantillon and DeGroup are pooling together their resources to reach out to our competitors, peers and partners. We’re seeking stores of excess masks, overalls, glasses and gloves to donate.

We have contacts within the NHS and Emergency Services who have already said this would be gratefully received. They may use it themselves or indeed direct us to the vulnerable groups who need it most. The fact is, it can do a lot of good, but not while it sits on our shelves gathering dust.

This is a free-of-charge donation, it’s giving back in an hour of real need.

We can manage collection and distribution and your contribution will make a huge difference and hopefully save lives.

 Paul Cluskey, Managing Director, Cantillon

Please visit our Contractors Appeal Website for more information and donate to our Just Giving page