On Site @ Sky – Sustainability Award

Both Project Manager, Pat Pearson and Site Manager, Alan Young were awarded the February Sustainability Award from Mace on site at Sky.

This was due to their efforts in protecting a nesting bird on site at Sky throughout the demolition phase. Whilst demolition commenced on the South bank of the building, an exclusion zone was put around a wood pigeon and two chicks.

The bird was noticed when the site environmentalists scanned the bushes nearby and saw the bird in a nest. Herras fencing was put up with signs to make people aware that the bird was there.

Affectionally known as Margo on site, Cantillon made sure she was protected and this effort was recognised by main contractor Mace.

On Site @ Riverplate House

The roof demolition has commenced and the North West corner is also coming down to create a loading and processing area away from the road way. Due to the site being on a busy street in Moorgate and the ground space being limited this will create easy access and less impact on the surrounding roads.

Asbestos removal of gaskets is taking place in the basement, and breaking out the raft slab to form a trench for underpinning. The crane is still located in the central well and being used, although work did cease during high winds for safety.

On Site @ 100 City Road

Cantillon started on site on 6th January 2014. The enabling works are now fully underway within the large project consisting of five buildings. The hoarding is currently being erected around the perimeter of the whole site on kentledge concrete blocks.

The scaffolding is also being erected around the largest building, Transworld House, along the City Road elevation.
Inside the buildings all the A/C Units have been de-gassed which took place at the same time as the soft strip commenced and continues throughout all buildings except for Featherstone House, which will remain standing until it’s refurbished separately at the end of the project.
Demolition has commenced on the entrance to the dis-used car park off Mallow Street for improved access to Transworld House.
Updates will follow throughout the project.

Asbestos and safety hand in hand

The Cantillon Asbestos division is now fully running, carrying out jobs independently from demolition, although still working alongside our demolition teams on existing jobs.

Having undertaken asbestos in-house for many years Cantillon acknowledged that the asbestos team needed to be recognised within their own “Division”. Under the experienced management of Fred Dann – Asbestos Manager, the Cantillon “Asbestos Division” is flourishing. The Division has been busy continuing to provide a seamless service for Cantillon demolition sites wherever asbestos is present. Fred is also leading his team on asbestos-only projects and refurbishment / pre demolition surveys. With a solid background in asbestos Fred and his team ensure that Cantillon continue to provide a safe, quality service and we are looking forward to a continued increase in business throughout 2014.


Cantillon’s Integrated Management System has managed to support the company philosophy, “demolition ad safety hand in hand”. Since its introduction in 2008 it has given management the ability to form a workforce that has the confidence to work in an inherently hazardous industry where safety is not just a byword. Over the past 7 years Cantillon’s management system has evolved from being a rudimentary management system, in place because the law says so, to fully certificated and audited Integrated Management System supporting projects by giving them a user friendly process to manage their projects.

The practice of managing a project is fraught with problems, programme, budget, resources both materials and people to name a few, this puts a strain on the management system not being forceful enough to cope with outside pressures; this can easily lead to taking short cuts to meet deadlines consequently this aberration will lead to incidents and accidents.

With the system allowing management to overcome some of these issues and having good robust documentation to follow and use, it allows the project management teams to effectively control work to a pace that will meet programme, budget etc but also keep the workforce safe; to this end Cantillon have managed to work for 1,523,035 hours without having to report a single incident or accident to the HSE, this is both with the old system of over 3 day reporting of accidents and the new system of 7 day reporting.

Cantillon is very proud that this milestone has been achieved over the last few years where projects budgets are trimmed but have still been able to meet client’s ever demanding levels of practice.

Health and Safety Awards 2013

Cantillon Ltd is happy to be recognised as not only an expert in the demolition field but also as a contractor with Safety as its top priority…

This was further enhanced by not only winning the Safety Contractor Award in November 2012 at the Demolition Awards but also the at Specialist Awards for Safety Excellence in early 2013.

To top off Cantillon’s victory, we received the coveted ‘Special Award’ against everyone in our industry. Founder William Cantillon led the team and went up to receive the Special Award with his son, Michael Cantillon the MD. He also revelled in the glory with the rest of the team.

The Health and Safety Excellence Awards with Jason Crawley, Commercial Director (left) and John Rimmer, SHEQ Manager.