Asbestos use was prohibited in the UK progressively during the 1980s and 90’s. Despite this, Asbestos remains a significant risk during the demolition and dismantling process. The removal and handling of asbestos represents a significant health hazard and should only be carried out by trained and licensed professionals. Cantillon offers precisely that through a dedicated Asbestos team created to provide clients with a safe, dependable and trustworthy asbestos removal solution.

Cantillon Asbestos Removal and surveying
Trained and accredited personnel utilise the very latest systems and solutions to deliver asbestos surveys and reports, project management, register updating and a full asbestos removal and disposal service that is tailor-matched to client requirements.

Cantillon have been licensed to undertake asbestos removal for more than two decades. We offer this service independently or as a preliminary aspect of a full soft strip or demolition package.

Cantillon Asbestos Removal and surveying

The company also provides expert guidance to ensure clients are compliant with current legislation as well as budgetary advice.